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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ground. you could hear it blocks away. a high pressure line carrying natural gas ruptured by a construction crew. on the line, city fire and police staging equipment and first responders around the under armour campus. >> what we heard is just a gas main break. >> did you smell anything? >> yeah you could smell it from several blocks. >> reporter: under armour workers were evacuated and homeowners around the area. >> at least it's not 102 degrees today. >> it's dangerous but they're working on it. they're doing the best they can. >> reporter: but people were kept out of their homes as officers went door to door. >> we have our hazmat task force on the scene. they're going into the residents home to assess if there's any odor or gas.
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none has been detected at this moment. >> reporter: bge tracked down the valve needed to shut down the gas line. that allowed the construction workers and bge emergency staff to get back into the scene of the break. part of that line is visible here. why it was struck is now part of an investigation. people have been allowed back in but there are a handful of hands and businesses that will not have natural gas until the repairs are tested. >> alex demetrick live for us tonight. mike hellgren has a closer look on the impact of people who live and work in that area. >> reporter: it was quite a scare and a remarkably large evacuation when you consider that more than 1,000 people work here at under armour headquarters alone. sky high chopper 13 was over it all as it unfolded. >> reporter: hundreds of businesses were kept out of their homes and businesses for
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hour. that included the evacuation of the under armour plant. >> it smelled like a gas leak. you could taste it in the air. so it was pretty bad. >> i heard about the gas leak and i rushed home because i was like freaking out. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say not only was the smell intense but also the sounds of the leak. >> it sounded like water actually if you know when you turn your bathtub on it sounded like whoosh, a really loud whooshing noise. you could heard it for several minutes and then it stopped. >> reporter: residents were told they could not turn their appliances or cars on. >> there were people walking down the road saying there was a main break and we needed to evacuate our houses. >> reporter: many waiting for answers as emergency crews
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stopped the leak that disrupted routines and tested patients. >> my husband works at dominoes and he smelled the gas leak while i was on the phone with him. >> nobody really knew what was going on, communications are all over the place. >> reporter: a tense morning that left many shaken but thankful that no one was hurt. and let's look live from sky high chopper 13, this is what the scene looks like now here in locust point in south baltimore. all it appears is okay. they got that gas leak back repaired. a massive response, a very quick response today. they evacuated everyone. everyone is safe. no injuries that we know of. so that's some good news in all of this. reporting live in south baltimore, mike hellgren. wjz news. >> going to need big repairs on that road. the entire ordeal lasted about three hours. the line was repaired this afternoon. murder charges are filed
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against the man suspected in the mass shooting in a colorado theater. >> reporter: james holmes stared straight ahead as prosecutors charged him with 24 counts of murder and attempted murder. >> 116 counts of federal attempt to commit crime. >> reporter: the courtroom was filled with family members and victims still recovering after the shooting. >> we're not going to back down from this individual. that we're not going to let his fear take over our lives and we're going to stand up against him. >> reporter: people at the hearing say the 24-year-old appeared subdued and at times dazed and still has the orange dyes hair. homes was reportedly seeing a
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psychiatrist and the defense wants anything their client gave to his doctor kept out of evidence. legal analysts believe holmes attorney will pursue an insanity plea. >> i wanted to come today and see him. there was a lot of anger. >> reporter: holmes is scheduled to be back in court august 9th for another pretrial hearing. edward lawrence, wjz news. the judge has placed a gag order on the lawyers handling the case. back here police released new evidence as they are trying to catch some murder suspects in baltimore. andrea fujii is covering the story for us. >> reporter: the death of a man remains unsolved. today police have identified a vehicle wanted in connection
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with the crime. the suspects fled the scene in a honda odyssey mini van with a license plate of 5an -- >> the occupants of that van should be considered armed and dangerous. the race is on and the road work begins. the grand prix will take over baltimore city streets dependence just in time for lay bob day weekend -- city streets again just in time for the labor day weekend. >> they'll start construction on the track tonight. and the general manager of the grand prix said they took the necessary steps to make sure business and traffic are not negatively affected. after making a few changes in planners, the grand prib is back. >> it was a great success from
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the spectators perspective. but as a business it failed. >> reporter: this year they're doing things differently. construction on the track will start in the evening and be built in sections for less impact on drivers and instead of ending the race at 9:00 p.m. the race will end at 6:30 p.m. a plus for businesses. >> that's right around dinner time so we are all hopeful that this year it'll have a greater impact, positive impact on our business. >> everything is on schedule. we're quite happy with the way things are going. >> reporter: the grand prix will feature lots of drivers like joseph newgarden. >> half of the track is really bumpy and half is really
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smooth. >> reporter: and cars will travel at 100 miles per hour. that's almost a football field every minute. >> you can't get close to any car at any other event. >> reporter: and the race will last august 31st through september 2nd. mary, back to you. >> rochelle thank you. 23millionpounds of concrete are being used to build the track. >> can't wait. it sounds like fun. it's a mild, a little cloudy day to the week. a live picture, big puffy clouds. bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking the conditions. any more showers out there bob? >> a few widely scattered. nothing general. we had a few sprinkles. right now a couple of thunderstorms across southern maryland as you can see they're not moving very fast. they're very far but we have a
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couple that are sitting over the cambridge area. another little front to the west of us. you see some activity not too far from oakland and cumberland. that's all moving from south to north. so some folks in garrett county and western allegheny county may see some showers. a little more activity in the region. as far as temperatures go it's only 85. it's not 100 thank goodness. 87 is our normal high in this case. a little moist, a little humid will stay that way all week long. we do this almost every afternoon. how about the next couple of days, bernadette woods has a look that the. >> as bob was saying we do have varying chances. a couple of different coming our way. tomorrow one is coming up from the south. that will increase the moisture amounts here and increase our chances for showers and thunderstorms. then on wednesday, another front comes in from the west and that keeps those chances pretty high. varying chances from day-to-
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day. and we will keep you updated back inside. >> bernadette, thank you. another record is shattered at vwi marshal airport nearly 2.2 million passengers flew through the airport last month. that is a new record for the month of june and the second busiest month in the history of vwi marshal. work is currently under way, people will be happy to hear this to add a new security checkpoint and new food and retail space. >> you know what the best part, some of these new restaurants in there they are locally owned. >> you can definitely get crab. >> there's a guy who makes a great ruben sandwich. a local guy. a men's health controversy put to rest. we'll tell you about the latest discovery about a prostate cancer tests. another bge rate increase.
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i'm pat warren coming up on wjz news, why the company says this is one you might not want to fight. very nice weather outside. but will we have more of it? we have the evening news with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of clouds out there. we're going to have the complete forecast coming up in moments. right now an anne arundel man accused of planning a work force threat is still undergoing evaluation. but now his friends are coming to his defense. wjz is learning more about his background. >> reporter: it could be days
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until neil bacroft will face the judge. >> in fact, he said i'm the joker and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> reporter: that possible reference to the colorado movie massacre alarmed the authorities but not some of prescott's friends now speaking to wjz. >> i know concerns that people are reaching to some of the harsher terms being used to describe neil such as terrorist. if anything neil was referred more like a gentle giant i would refer for to him like a tough teddy bear. i cannot think of any single incident in which neil appeared angry or upset or everyone raised his voice. >> reporter: friends also say prescott was an avid gun collector. police found two dozens weapons when he was arrested and he was reading a shirt like this that said, guns don't kill people, i
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do. >> i think we avoided serious violence that could have happened and potentially save lives. >> reporter: prescott stated, i wish to unleash 30 rounds of hell in one comment. >> reporter: police did not find any detailed plans for the shooting. prosecutors are considering both state and federal charges. we're taking a break from the news. we're going to look at our roads. here's christie breslin. >> reporter: hi everyone, things still pretty busy out there on the inner side of the loop things pretty busy. expect about 20 minutes to get through. the west side inner loop that has been down a bit but still expect slowing around to security boulevard. northbound 95 stop and go over to the fort mchenry tunnel. and we have a couple of few accidents around there. clarksville pike at homewood road and the eliket city area.
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and also aviation boulevard at elk ridge landing. let's take a live look, once we're over the tunnel things look pretty good. rid your home of pests, call home paramount pest control for a free inspection today. you can call them at 888-8888- home. customers avoided by bge response to storm related power outages are not happy to hear that bge is asking for a rate increase. pat warren reports bge is making its case on the need to upgrade equipment. >> reporter: mary beth has already battled cancer and she battled the heat when she was left without power. it's against the backdrop of disconnect that bge asked the service commission for a rate
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increase. >> we're going to let the psc decide whether the performance was good, bad or needs improvement. but apart from that the instructure is the infrastructure. >> and the infrastructure is what the increase is about. in a regular bill 70 pays for energy, 29 for taxes and about 100 go to shareholders. >> people have the misconception that we have a lot of money sitting on that we can just take to ourselves. >> find the funds from within your company. >> reporter: and from their perspective, do a better chance to earn your part. jacobs says csc should make bge -- but there are customers who understand bge's need to pay for upgrades. >> if they upgrade it and we
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get the delivery the way we need it i'm happy. all i want is my service. >> reporter: bge points out this is the only the second time 20 years it's asked for an increase in infrastructure. >> a lot is money we've already spent that we're not going to the commission to ask for the recovery. >> reporter: if the increase is approved you will see it on your bill in february. >> the increases are $12 a month. >> that's a lot. let's hope no more duratios in the future. >> no, please. >> 85 humidity is reasonable for this time of year pretty normal. come back and take a look at radar right after this. ,,,,,,,
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i think it's pretty nice out there today. >> nice break from the heat. >> not too many complaints.
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we're not talking triple digit heats. no super hot temperatures may get a little warm till -- at the end of the week but not dealing with any records. a few scattered showers popped up this afternoon in a few spots. and south of the plata that little batch down there still causing a little rain across portions of the charles county and it's moving toward la plata. some folks will see showers most will remain rain free. we had some rain activity in the afternoon. 85degrees now. our normal high today is still 87. so it's just running about average. 87dc, 89 in oakland, ocean city around 79. a bit of a breeze coming off the ocean that east wind has kept us from getting super super hot. 83 rock hall up in bel air.
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right now we have an east wind. a little southeast wind from time to time. going to keep us in not super hot temperatures sort of normal conditions. we may have a few clouds tomorrow that will help keep the temperature down. particularly kansas and portion of missouri have had their hottest driest one of the worse summers ever. still very hot there. 103 in dallas, 98 in memphis. kansas city finally got out of the 100s only 88. this is what we're expecting mid- to upper 80s maybe some low 90s by the end of the week. right now showers to our south and a batch of activity to the west. some of this may move into our region the next couple of days our chances of showers will probably increase some what by the end of the week looks like we begin to dry up but heat up just a bit more by friday into the weekend. a few light showers to the north of us to the south of us and to the west of us.
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over the area not much going on. that little front going through. behind that looks like it may dry out a bit. southeast winds from time to time at five to 10 knots. the bay temp up to about 82. tomorrow night a brief shower early. otherwise partly cloudy. maybe a shower or thundershower in some spots tomorrow evening. >> sounds like deja vu. >> we can take it. thanks bob. still ahead. some questionable spending in iraq. the $200,000 waste that's been discovered in a new audit. dozens of plants and marijuana plants found in a home. why the suspect says he's done
5:26 pm
nothing wrong. i'm andrea fujii, that's coming up. >> i'm jessica kartalija in owins mills. how some fans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:28, 88 degrees and partly sunmy. thank you for staying with wjz news. $50,000 $50,000 worth of guns and marijuana plants found
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inside a home. this drug operation put children in jeopardy because it was right across the street from arundel high school. >> reporter: police say neighbors led them to this home where inside they found 24 guns including an ak47 and outside 46 marijuana plants. on saturday, they arrested the homeowner 53-year-old nicholas dominique. >> it is a lot of weapons to have in one individuals possession in unison of a very large marijuana grow operation. >> reporter: but the owner who is out of jail said it was for his medical use. >> i can't take medications and pain pills and things like that. >> all the plants were between five and 6 feet tall. a large amount of marijuana. too much for a single consumption by one individual. >> reporter: the suspect's house on watts road is just
5:30 pm
right across the street from arundel high school. being in a school zone makes charges against dominique more severe but police say there's no evidence he sold drugs to kids. neighbors say they're surprised by the discovery by still find the area safe. >> nobody comes down the street hardly. it's the quitest street in town. >> none of it ever left the property, that's the issue. none of it ever left the property. >> reporter: and he faces intent to deliver marijuana in a school zone. >> police say of the suspects 24 guns only 10 were registered. right now police are searching for a gunman near the shooting at the edge water center. the violence happened saturday afternoon around polaski high school. police found a 24-year-old man with injuries, anyone with information can call police. you can be eligible for a
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reward of $2, $2,000. ben horn was killed after falling while mountain climbing in peru. >> reporter: ben horn had graduated from ben hopkins university and was working for a degree in economics. >> his goal was to be as complete of a human as he could be. >> reporter: his loved ones say he was humble and quiet about his talents but make no mistake about it the 32-year-old had mastered his skills. he and his friends had been climbing some of the highest part of the andes in peru. the climb ended in tragedy, it's not clear why.
5:32 pm
>> he had along with his climbing partner had plunged about 1,000 feet. >> reporter: horn and his climbing partner was killed and found by rescue crews after their last contact from the mountain. >> i think ben had a deep appreciation for people. for one thing, he connected with many many people. >> the example he sets for everybody is that, you know there's no excuse not to be extraordinary. >> reporter: and ben's father will be traveling to peru this week to bring his son's body back. funeral arrangements have not yet been made. the battle for syria's largest city is intensifying. the united nation says 200,000 civilians have fled the city of arepo. some are still trapped in their homes as the fighting continues today. the escalation of fighting is to overthrow the government. >> reporter: the u.s. has wasted more than $200 million on a police training program in
5:33 pm
iraq. that program was invisioned as a five year multi billion push to train security forces after the u.s. military left last december but a new report finds the u.s. embassy in baghdad never got a written commitment from iraq to participate. that program is now being drastically cut back. on the campaign trail, mitt romney is working to show his confidence on the world's stage. he's making rounds in poland after spending the week in israel. >> reporter: large crowds gathered to meet mitt romney and his wife anne. the republican presidential hopeful sat down with lorenza. through a translator, lorenza threw his support behind
5:34 pm
romney. romney has been well received in the mostly catholic nation. romney is spending this final leg in tour meeting with several world leaders. the presumptive gop nominee made waves in israel talking tough about iran's nuclear admission and weighing into the status of jerusalem. >> it's a deeply moving experience to be injerusalem. the capital. >> reporter: the white house also called romney's comments
5:35 pm
head scratchers. president obama spent the day at the white house and is headed up to new york tonight for a fundraiser. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates, the issue online on a new study finds the importance of psa tests for prostate cancer. the tests may prevent 35,000 men from getting the cancer. three times as many men could be fighting for their live s if the test went away. federal investigators are looking into a problem with a boeing 787 dream liner following an unusual incident in a runway. a piece of degree fell from the engine of one of the jets on saturday. nobody was hurt but the
5:36 pm
incident did spark a small grass fire. the maryland gambling commission is meeting tomorrow and could possibly award a license for a casino in downtown baltimore. sales of recreational vehicles are up for the first time in years find out what's driving the come back. a preview of tomorrow's swimming events that could make michael phelps the most medalled olympian of all times. for more of these stories read the baltimore sun. ravens fans get a preview of what to expect on the football field. jessica kartalija reports. >> reporter: 200 fans get a front row seat at practice. you can't get much more up close and personal than this. >> they're looking good.
5:37 pm
they're looking really good. i'm looking guard for the season. >> my nephew gave me a call. said unc let's go out here, watch the ravens get their practice in. we're just enjoying ourselves. >> having a good time. >> reporter: all eyes focused on the team this second week of training camp. >> 10-6 and a play off start. so that's all i can ask for. >> reporter: fans submitted lottery requests online and the team invited 200 people every day to watch them prepare for the season. >> this is a very unique opportunity. we've never been anything like this before mostly being private. it's very exclusive, very vip and the fans are appreciative. >> reporter: fans have high
5:38 pm
hopes for the season ahead. >> jessica kartalija reports. tickets are no longer available for training camp. you're going to have to wait for the first season game. it's coming up august 9. that's just around the corner. >> that's not far at all. you do need tickets for that as well. >> yeah. >> but you can get those. still to come tonight on wjz news, crash and burn the fiery mess after a truck slams into an office building. stranded high in the sky at six flags. a serious situation for people that were stuck in this roller coaster. >> not good. i'm bob turk, first in the weather center pretty typical weather center. i'll have the exclusive forecast. and this is today's report from wall street, we'll be right back. [ female announcer ],,,,,, what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. the story is going to get your appetite going. it's a great summer for students in baltimore. they're coming from all over the area to have fun and to learn about food preparation. tonight ron mats has more on what's coming in fells point. >> reporter: chef nancy londo's cooking class is in session. the kids are ready and so is the food. >> it's fun to be on your own
5:42 pm
and just cook. it's more of an experience. >> reporter: a great experience for these young chefs in training. started by this award winning chef and owner of pier point restaurant 12 years ago. >> we teach them all kind of things. one of the things we like to do is teach them how to have knife skills. basic seasoning, so they get out the salt pepper and the sugar. >> reporter: mexican food is on the menu today. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> what are you doing right now. >> we're working on mexican rice and taco. >> we want to make sure there's three chefs in the room so they get enough individualized attention so that the kids can get what they need out of the class. >> reporter: just the right ingredients for a tasty meal and a fun way to spend part of baltimore's summer. >> it's cool, i really like cooking. it's fun to experiment with all these different cousines. >> one of the best part of the class is the kids get to take home some of the food they
5:43 pm
prepared. >> my folks will love it. they don't have to cook and it's really good. ron max, wjz news. >> and cooking classes are saturday and for students in the fall and winter on saturdays. for more information on that log on to and click on local news. cool program. >> it is, you do get lots of food when your kids are there. the sun is peaking out. the skies are clearing up a bit as you take a live look outside. what's in store the rest of the week. bob turk has the five day forecast but first bernadette woods shows us what to expect tomorrow. >> we have two different storms moving our way over the next few days and it'll keep it unsettled around here. as we head through the overnight partly to mostly cloudy skies. chance of a shower and thunderstorms pretty enough all day tomorrow. for the rest of the five day here's bob. >> looks like no extreme temperatures but it'll warm up
5:44 pm
the rest of the week. next couple of days, yes a chance of a shower or thundershower that's normal. 89 wednesday, low 90s thursday and friday and saturday. partly cloudy, partly sunny skies and still rather humid. maybe a pop up shower each of those days in some spots. mary. >> bob, thank you. today's energy saver focuses on dealing with summer heat. a ventilating system draws hot air to the top. for more information on how you can be an emergency saver go to wj scroll on the right hand side of the page and go to the energy saver section. and phoenix is hit by another deed of trust storm. remarkable with the visibility on the highways. the storms can have a hidden health impact for people that live in that dust zone. researchers in the university
5:45 pm
of arizona say the dust carries fungi and chemicals that could cause illnesses and fever. one of them they're concerned of is called desert fever. the driver speeds off, california highway patrol eventually caught up with the driver and forced to use what is called a pit maneuver. no serious injuried were reported. the first explosion ignited the fire and the second came from a truck rupturing. no one was in the office building at the time of that accident. a roller coaster gets stuck at its highest point at six flags in california. the riders were stranded high
5:46 pm
in the air for hours. the superman coaster had been opened for less than a month. it can go 62 miles per hour. a crane was able to get the riders off and also get them some bottled water until the ride was eventually turned back on. they were then lowered backward to safety. what a nail biter. >> not so fun. excitement is building for a new fall tv season. cbs shows off their new and returning shows. teresa garcia reports for wjz for the red carpet. >> reporter: cbs stars are celebrating the upcoming tv season. they star in the drama elementary. miller plays a modern home sherlock holmes, lu is watkins. >> the things that have to be solved are not just light things but more than i would have expected for cbs and i
5:47 pm
think that's great. >> reporter: wade and chiclis star in a movie called vegas. >> just want to do business. >> he just wants his piece of the pie. >> yeah, that's right. >> and finally apologize. >> you see where she comes from and how she balances that with her work. and she's so likable. >> actors, producers, writers and more came out to celebrate the new prime time line up at this beverly hills party. >> reporter: two broke girls and the big bang theory will be back to bring more laughs. >> i just get excited to see what these minds come up with. >> reporter: plus there's a new series on a relationship, one gay, one straight. >> we've been friends, we've
5:48 pm
got a major bromance going on. >> reporter: the good wife and ncis are also returning. >> cbs's premier week kicks off monday september 24th. we have to switch gears now. we have breaking news from northeast baltimore. let's go to sky high 13. captain jeff long has more for it. what do you know there captain? >> good afternoon we just arrived on scene. this is at clear view avenue on hartford road just outside the county line in the city. it appears there's four vehicles involved in the accident. two pick ups, a silver car and the fourth vehicle is up against the side of the house here. at least in the yard of the house. the call came in as a possible entrampment. we can't confirm that at this point. but as of right now hartford road and clear view avenue closed in both directions. i'm captain jeff long, back to
5:49 pm
you. >> thanks so much. stay with us, check in for eyewitness news at 6:00 we're going to have all new stories coming up. >> gas line danger, a hazmat incident causes dozens of evacuations. >> unwelcomed visitor, a woman returns home to find an armed intruder inside. check in more for of these stories and all the day's breaking news all new at 6:00. now back to you. >> still to come at 5:00, the ravens enter their second week of training camp. >> mark is at the training camp in owins mills. >> ,,,,
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the ravens begin their second week of training camp in owins mills. wjz is live at the practice
5:53 pm
facilities. mark viviano joins us with more. >> reporter: petta could be out for the rest of the practice round. and an update on the bryant mckinny mystery, the lineman missed all of last week unexplained absence. he showed up here yesterday, he's been reinstated to the roster but he's not yet in shape to practice. mckinny plays left tackle. that's a key position. the ravens have said that michael oher is ready to take over at left tackle but that may weaken a line that was already facing serious questions. john reed untested at tackle. but offensive coordinator cam cameron says it's way too early to worry about that offensive
5:54 pm
line. >> i can't remember a training camp where an offensive line has been set early on. i would like to answer that two or three weeks from now. i think it's a little premature to make any statements along those lines. we're just going to let this thing evolve. you always want to let your offensive line play out. >> reporter: more on the ravens coming up next hour. i'll chat with bolden. that's all ahead on sports at 6:00. >> beat the yankees. and some fans watching the -- sports fans are fuming that they can't get tickets but meanwhile stadium seats are empty. organizers say the no shows are game officials and families that only stay for a short time. officials have claimed 3,000 unused tickets to sell but only uk residents can go ahead and buy them online. it is pandemonium in
5:55 pm
southern california. a 20-year-old panda at the san diego zoo just welcomed her sixth cub. it is breaking a record for most births at a breeding zoo in china. officials can expect to see the newborn in december. so that is the ultrasound of the panda. you can see -- >> do you see the panda face in the ultrasound. >> it's like a sculpted animal. that is unbelievable. >> one of the most gorgeous and fragile creatures in the world. >> you can see them in washington, i believe. coming up, a gas leak triggers a massive evacuation.
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coming up right now on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00, hundreds evacuated when a gas line ruptured in south baltimore. wjz is live with complete coverage of the repair efforts and the impact on many homes and businesses. colorado shooting spree the man accused of killing 12 people inside the aurora movie theater now comes face to face with victims and their families. >> i'm rochelle richie in downtown baltimore, the race is
5:59 pm
on. i'll have all the details coming up on the grand prix. >> and some clouds outside, any storms coming along with them? the answer in the weather forecast: wjz news at 6:00 starts right now. hazmat mess. >> today the repair for it and the lingering mess to those near by. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm mary bubala. >> wjz is live


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